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Victoria Tuscon Biography

Victoria has worked at Crown Street Press since 1997, and estimates that she has editioned a pile of David Boyd prints at least as tall as her. 

Victoria has worked on and off at Crown Street Press since her graduation from the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, in 1995, where she majored in Printmaking. 

She is skilled in Intaglio, Relief and Planographic printing - Etching, Engraving, Woodcut, Linocut, Serigraph (screenprint), monoprint and Lithograph. She gained a reputation for being "the Queen of Tone" at university, with major utilisation of aquatint to dramatic effect. 

She railed against the "big is better" mentality, producing some sought after miniature coloured aquatints inspired by a trip to New Zealand. Her drawings, however, have drifted back into the "massive" category over time. Victoria has been contracted work from both Whaling Road Studios and Crown Street Press, and also has her own studio on the North Shore, which she affectionately calls "Vixen Print". 

She has editioned Charles Blackman, David Boyd, Clive Wallace, Adrian Lockhardt, Judy Cassab, Alfred Coffey, Charles Cooper, Judy Cuppaidge, Amanda Upton and Adam Cullen prints. 

Victoria is currently working on some etchings with Margaret Woodward, and is building her own aquatint box. 





1993 “In Bed with Victoria” , Tecoma Galleries, Sydney 

Prints, Drawings and Paintings of 1992 (solo exhibition)

1993 “Impressions” , COFA Gallery Paddington 

Group Printmedia Exhibition 

1994 “Postcard” , TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst 

Postcard Sized works, Group Show 

1994 “See what I hear?” COFA Gallery, Paddington 

Sound Impact Exhibition 

1995 “In Tandem" , Printmedia Dept, COFA UNSW 

The Foyer Gallery, UWS, Macarthur 

COFA and Macarthur Print Students Collaboration 

1995 “Josef Lebovic Print Prize” , COFA Gallery, Paddington 

Inaugural Print Prize and Exhibition 

1995 “Tricks with Handkerchiefs” , COFA 

Graduating Exhibition 

1996 “Students Association Selection Exhibition” , COFA Gallery 

Select Graduates for the SA Collection 

1996 “8 New Faces” , Crawford Gallery, Sydney 

Select Graduates from the College of Fine Arts


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