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John Peart Biography

John Peart arrived in Sydney in 1964 from Brisbane. 

Very soon he was recognised as a leading non-figurative artist within Australia and has been included in numerous definitive exhibitions. His work is in the Australian National Gallery, all State Galleries and numerous other collections. Peart has successfully been a finalist in the Sulman Prize and the Archibald Portrait Prize and in the Wynne Prize seven times, winning in 1997.   

John Peart Retrospective at The Campbelltown Arts Centre  

“John Peart Paintings 1964 - 2004 is a timely exhibition that demonstrates Peart's artistic development and his significant standing within contemporary Australian painting. Peart has had a long and distinguished career, first coming to national prominence through The Field exhibition of 1968, at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Over the last forty years, national, state and regional institutions, along with both corporate and private collectors, have acquired his work. 

Peart's reputation has been reinforced by the numerous art awards and grants he has received over the years. Peart's recent works reflect his continuing passion for experimentation. 

His commitment to pushing beyond what is predictable or easily accessible is one of the most refreshing qualities of his work, ensuring he remains one of this countries most exciting artists. Spanning forty years, this exhibition attests Peart's ongoing achievements that secure his place at the forefront of contemporary Australian art.” 

Renée Porter, Curator   

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